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Food Testing
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Industry standard test systems are available for a wide range of food products. Fixtures are available to perform compression, puncture, shear, extrusion and other tests. Calculated results for chewiness, toughness, ripeness etc. can be obtained directly from the tester or via a PC system

Compression Grips
Extensive range of compression platens is available for testing all types of food products.

Shear Test
A special multi-blade Kramer type fixture is available for tests on a range of fruit, vegetable and other food products.

Cutting Test
A special Warner Bratzler type cutting fixture is available for meats, meat products and other foods.

Extrusion Testing
Both forward and reverse extrusion fixtures are available for test on fruit, vegetable and other food products.

Puncture / Probe Test.
A set of various type and size of probes is available complete with base platen and holding chuck

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Measurement of blade-tip clearance on turbines and compressors.

Knowledge of the blade-tip clearance under different operating conditions is important for the optimization
of efficiency and functional reliability. The clearance is acquired with a non-contacting displacement
sensor which measures the distance to the blade tips from the housing. The arduous ambient conditions,
the shape of the blade and the extremely short dwell
period of the blade in the acquisition range represent high demands on the sensor. With extremely fast
rotating turbines the step response of the demodulator electronic unit can be further improved by a special option ( signal decay time 1.5 ¼ s) . A integral peak-peak detector in the controller saves the minimum value of the output signal each revolution, which corresponds to the smallest tip
clearance and is important for monitoring. A following limit switch provides advance warning or
safety switching in case of risk of damage

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