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Pusat Alat Uji & Pengukuran ( Distributor-Agent-Services)
Pusat Alat Uji & Pengukuran ( Distributor Agent Services)
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Food Testing
Payment MethodTelegraphic Transfer (T/T)
Pack. & DeliveryBox


Industry standard test systems are available for a wide range of food products. Fixtures are available to perform compression, puncture, shear, extrusion and other tests. Calculated results for chewiness, toughness, ripeness etc. can be obtained directly from the tester or via a PC system

Compression Grips
Extensive range of compression platens is available for testing all types of food products.

Shear Test
A special multi-blade Kramer type fixture is available for tests on a range of fruit, vegetable and other food products.

Cutting Test
A special Warner Bratzler type cutting fixture is available for meats, meat products and other foods.

Extrusion Testing
Both forward and reverse extrusion fixtures are available for test on fruit, vegetable and other food products.

Puncture / Probe Test.
A set of various type and size of probes is available complete with base platen and holding chuck

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contact: 08156141954 - 0811893101

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